WordPress BASIC maintenance

What does this service include?

  • mowomo WP Basic hosting plan (see features)
  • MONTHLY updating of the WordPress core.
  • MONTHLYupdating of plugins.
  • MONTHLYupdating of themes.
  • DAILY backup on your hosting.
  • 1 backup copy WEEKLY on external disk.
  • External backups up to 1GB
  • Email support (response in max. 24h).
  • Recovery of the installation in case of hacking.
  • WP Rocket premium license included
  • Premium mowomo Social Share premium license included

We pamper your WordPress

There's no automated robot here. As WordPress developers, we monitor the monthly updates of your WordPress, plugins, and themes. And we back up your entire installation, to make sure everything is correct. We love WordPress and know how important it is to keep a website safe, clean, and secure from any problems.

Monthly updates

To avoid headaches and possible disasters on the website, we make backups and all the necessary tests before applying any kind of update. Every month we perform updates of the WordPress file set that guarantee the correct functionality and performance of your website, as well as your theme and your plugins, both free and premium.

Remember that if you make use of commercial themes or plugins you must have the active license, current payments, to be able to update.

Daily backups

We schedule backups every day. In case of restoration, the most stable backup will be used. These backups contain your entire WordPress installation (database, core files, plugins, and theme).

The backups will be stored in your hosting space. Up to 7 backups will be stored, i.e. you will have the backup of the last 7 days. Depending on the size of your hosting, you can never exceed your hosting space.

In addition to this, for added security and whatever may happen, we make extra backups to external disks. We will make one backup per week plus one extra. Security first.

In case of hacking or vulnerabilities of your website

You have been hacked? No problem. We will restore the latest, most stable backup within the last 7 days.

Email support

For any queries regarding the contracted service, you will have email support to contact the support team. Guaranteed response in less than 24 hours.

Premium plugin licence

With your maintenance service we include premium plugin licenses:

  • WP Rocket mowomo Social Share
  • Premium plugin licence

Is your site ready for this service?

If you want to know if your site meets the conditions for contracting maintenance, consult our conditions of contract.

This service is for a standard installation of WordPress (does not include multi-site or ecommerce). If you need maintenance for your ecommerce (WooCommerce) or multi-site installation, you must hire another service or ask us for a quote.